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Spaying and neutering your pets is becoming increasingly necessary as we are facing an absolute pet overpopulation crisis. Spaying and neutering your pets is the best option we have currently to take action against the growing overpopulation problem, which is why we offer very affordable spay and neuter operations. We believe that we all play a role in finding a solution to the current population problem and we do our part by offering comprehensive packages geared toward the wellness of your pet. Procedures available in these packages include: Spays, neuters, vaccinations and micro-chipping. You can include any or all of the listed procedures in a package and all are geared toward helping your pet stay healthy and safe while not contributing to the exploding stray population.

There are several effects of spaying and neutering pets that benefit their health on top of preventing them from producing unwanted offspring, including:

Neutering For Male cats and dogs:

  • Prevents your pet from developing testicular cancer
  • Can greatly reduce aggression and the urge to roam
  • Reduces the tendency to mark territory by spraying objects in your home with urine

Spaying For Female cats and dogs:

  • Greatly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer
  • Prevents Uterine infections and uterine cancer

Another benefit for you, the pet owner, is the fact that spays and neuters are a fraction of the cost you would incur should you have to treat one of the conditions that spays and neutering prevent.

We partner with local rescue teams and animal shelters to help them maintain the health of their rescues. We do checkups on their animals and perform spays and neuters for them each year in addition to the many we perform for the private sector annually. We are truly animal lovers so you can be at ease knowing that when your pet is with us, they are greatly cared for and attended to lovingly. Call us today!

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