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Dog & Cat Dental Cleaning Gilbert, AZ

Dog & Cat Dental Cleaning Gilbert

Are you searching for “cat dental cleaning” or “dog dental cleaning” in Gilbert, Arizona? If so, Val Vista Animal Hospital can help! We provide (pet) dog and cat teeth cleaning services near you.

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Dental Cleaning For Pets Is Important 


At Val Vista Animal Hospital, your cat’s or dog’s dental cleaning includes:

  • Consultation: A consultation and complete oral exam will be performed by one of our licensed Veterinary Dental Specialists.
  • Testing: We test all of your pet’s organ function and use other pre-anesthetic blood tests prior to anesthesia to identify any risks or abnormalities.
  • Monitoring: IV fluids, Electronic Monitoring and General Anesthesia – We are highly trained and experienced in pet anesthesia. You cat or dog’s anesthesia will be individualized to meet your animal’s needs and will be monitored throughout the process.
  • Dental X-rays (Digital): Digital x-rays or radio-graphs will let us get a closer look of your pet’s mouth and helps identify periodontal disease, fractured teeth or oral cancer. These problems would not be visible if it weren’t for digital X-rays.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Thorough, teeth polishing and teeth cleaning (prophy)
  • Paperwork: Copies of EKG, Dental X-rays and anesthetic charts.
  • Comfort: The comfort of knowing your pet is receiving critical dental cleanings that can save you money down the road and prevent future dental disease for you pet.

How Often Should My Pet Receive Teeth Cleaning?

Professionals recommend having your cat or dog’s teeth cleaned every 6 months to a year depending on the breed of dog you own. If you already take good care of your dog’s or cat’s teeth, you might only have to receive dental cleaning once every other year. Although, always discuss any major changes with your veterinarian first.

If your cat or dog is starting to get bad breath, it’s most likely time to bring them in for an exam. Other reasons for dental cleaning include bleeding gums, becoming more difficult to eat or when seeing blood on chews.

Pet (Cat & Dog) Dental Exams

Most dogs and cats should receive dental exams at least once a year. This pet dental exam includes, supragingival and subgingival cleaning, polishing, intraoral evaluation and further periodontal therapy. Pet dental cleanings at Val Vista Animal Ranch Hospital involves removal of plaque and calculus, either with sonic/ultrasonic instruments listed above, hand instruments or gingival margin, periodontal probing, intra-oral radio-graphs, charting and more treatments such as extractions if needed or deep periodontal therapy.

Dental Treatment Options & Take Home Instructions

After the oral examination is complete, the initial treatment plan is set. Your veterinarian will discuss different treatment options and then the client will be able to decide which dental treatment plan is best suited for their pet. Next, the patient/pet is anesthetized and the periodontal therapy begins. After the therapy is complete, you will be given take home instructions for caring for your pet from home.

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5 Star Review: “Love this Animal Hospital because of the Vets, Vet Techs and other employees here. Very friendly, knowledgeable, caring, animal people at this facility. We’ve had 3 German Shepherds taken care of over the past 20 yrs (Lady 16, Breeman 14, & currently Jake 6) under the care of Dr. Caldwell & Dr. Little. I can’t tell you how much they really care for our dogs and us too! I have recommended this AH to my family & friends many times and will continue too. Thank you so much VVAH for all your Love & Support.” Keya C.

To schedule your cat or dog dental cleaning in Gilbert, give us a call today at (480) 539-7999. If you are looking for cat and dog tooth extractions, click here.


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Are you searching for “cat dental cleaning” or “dog dental cleaning” in Gilbert, Arizona? If so, Val Vista Animal Hospital can help! We provide (pet) dog and cat teeth cleaning services near you.

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