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animal surgery gilbert az for dogs and cats

We provide many types of surgeries for your pets here at the Val Vista Animal Hospital. Every surgery that we perform is performed in-house with great care given to every pet. Surgeries are done between Monday and Friday, with the hospitals staff continuously focusing on the care of your pet. The safety and the state of health your pet is in is our main concerns.

Your pets health is important us and that is why throughout the procedures of any surgery, we provide comfort for your pet, and keep your pet as pain free as possible during the surgery. During surgery there will be one doctor, and one or more technicians on duty that are skilled in what they do. Your pet will be monitored continuously throughout surgery in the following ways: We will be monitoring the heart rate and rhythm, the respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, and the carbon dioxide levels.

There will be preoperative blood work before the scheduled surgery for your pets health and safety assurance. There will also be an IV put in for fluids, and an IV catheter, again, this is for the health and safety of your pet. The skilled doctors of this facility will be using a laser, not a scalpel during surgery, and they are highly qualified to do this procure. Surgeries using lasers are highly recommended, in fact, laser is much more beneficial in a majority of surgeries performed.

Surgeries we perform at the Val Vista Animal Hospital:

  • Removal of the anal sac
  • Removal of bladder stone
  • Biopsies
  • Extracapsular and TPLO – Repair of the anterior cruciate ligament
  • Surgery of the eye and eyelid
  • Surgery to remove a foreign substance from the intestinal
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Cesarean section
  • Surgery to declaw a feline
  • Oral surgery on the mouth
  • Repair of a hernia
  • Repair fractures
  • Repair of a hematoma
  • Removal of mass
  • The repair of a wound
  • Pyometra
  • Repair of the patellar luxation
  • Surgery of the soft palate
  • Neuter
  • Spray
  • Surgery of the Stenotic Nares (surgery of the nasal opening)
  • Surgery on the Stomach and Intestinal

If you are in need of a procedure not listed, contact us today.

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